U2002CMKII Wireless Microphone


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IVA U2002CMKII is a new enchance for U2002C series. 2 channel wireless microphone, using UHF band,PLL circuit to bring out low spurious audio emission and audio carrier signal transmission is stable with visible range in a straight line distance of 30 meters. which can cover the frequency range UHF 630 – 668MHz (depend on the region), IVA U2002CMKII is a highly cost-effective products provide more options in the field of wireless system.

  • Using UHF band, PLL circuit, stable character, low spurious emission.
  • Three-way slide frequency switch design, preset three groups of compatible frequency.
  • Transmitter up to 38MHz tunable bandwidth, could be compatible for all the channels of receiver. (depends onregion)
  • International EIA standard /1 U chassis, equipped with rack mounting kit.
  • SMT, new RF circuits, no need any adjustable components, stable feature.
  • Each channel with an independent balanced output.
  • Automatic IR frequency Sync function : transmitter synchronization via IR interface.
  • Noise and sound code locked mute control circuit.
  • With flat frequency response at 50Hz-16KHz.

Specifications Receiver Handheld Transmitter Body-Pack
Receiving Channel Four channel


Carrier Wave Frequency Range 630 – 668MHz 630 – 668MHz 630 – 668MHz
Oscillation Mode PLL phase-locked frequency
PLL phase-locked frequency
PLL phase-locked frequency
RF Sentivity
Input 6dBμV, S/N>80dB - -
Working Range Straight line distance 60 meters -
Mute control mode Sound code and noise lock -
Frequency response 50Hz-18KHz ( +3 dB) -
Cartridge type - Module cardioid cartridge Module cardioid cartridge
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes or improvements in manufacturing or design which may affect specifications.