Topp Pro DIO.24 DANTE Digital Snake 24 In, 12 Out (DIO24 / DIO-24)


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Topp Pro DIO.24 is a DANTE-enable digital snake for Topp Pro DM series digital mixer. It allows remote access and digital gain control for DM Series Digital Mixers. It has 24 analog inputs and 12 analog outputs to connect to all the input sources and the output equipment. The 24 preamplifiers has a Class A input buffer which followed by a dual-servo gain stage that bring ultra-low noise and wide gain control which help to boost signals without increasing unwanted background noise. The transmission distance of the DANTE network can reaches 100 meters using CAT5e cable and over 1000 meters using fiber cable. It delivers uncompressed digital audio in high quality, extra low noise and real time through a standard Ethernet network. The audio transmitting setting can be set by professional software DANTE Controller and saved in the unit for independent usage which makes them more flexible and economical. All of the signals are sent through Ethernet network in digital which overcomes the disadvantage of distorting the audio which caused by sending signals in analog signal. It reduces the system installation and maintenance fee as the unit is suitable for any situation and transmits signal through Ethernet network.


Tech Specs

  • Inputs: 24 x XLR
  • Phantom Power: 24 x Channels
  • Outputs: 12 x XLR
  • Data I/O: 2 x Ethernet
  • Indicators: Phantom power LED