Professional Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

PRO-UD2 Advance

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The IVA Pro-UD2 Advance is equipped with hight quality diversity antennas, auto enviroment frequency scanning, intelligent transmitter locking and anti-interference filter to make it among the most stable and precise wireless microphone systems around. Reliability, stability, clarity, strong signal strength and coverage, minimal interference and a friendly GUI are the key strengths of the PRO-UD2 ADVANCE, marking it th ebest choice for various applications.


  • PLL Dual module locked loop deisng
  • UHF 200 frequency spots will PLL digital lock  automatic selection
  • Innovative blue LCD static display
  • Anti-interference filter for KT environment (multiple channels)
  • Mini processor for automatice selection, it can choose the most powerful signal form 2 microphones, strengthening reception power, increasing working distance and reducing dead spots
  • Squelch to adjust pickup distance
  • Lockable control function button
  • 2 Frequency Range Families