PM-8500 Powered Mixer


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When do you grow, so do we too. After years of success of IVA PM8270 power mixer, thedemand for higher power and bigger volume increase tremendously. Requirement for goodsonic quality at higher power is the next evolution of IVA PM Series Power Mixer. With theTRUE POWER of 500W per channel at 4 ohm load, this is almost double the performance itsyounger brother. It retains the key features of the amplification, audio effect, MP3 player,Bluetooth Player and Recording direct-to-thumbdrive. Outlook design wise, we still retain the signature slanting board that look cool, professional and most importantly ease to use.

  • 8 Mono Inputs Channels with silver plated XLRs and balanced Line Inputs
  • Ultra-low noise LIVE grade Mic Preamps with + 48 V Phantom Power
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels
  • Peak LEDs all Mono Channels
  • Single LIVE Grade 16bit DSP Effect Engine
  • 1 Aux Send or FX Send per channel for external processing and outputs
  • Dual 7-band equalizer
  • Highly accurate 11 segment Bargraph Meters
  • 1 Stereo Master output
  • LIVE Grade Playback+Recording USB Thumbdrive
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Smartphone playback
  • High accuracy volume control 100mm long fader