PM-6200 Powered Mixer


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Too big and too heavy? Fret not! IVA PM Series got you covered. IVA PM-6200 expands the usability of PM Series powered mixer to smaller scale venue and event. So keep those heavy and professional looking power mixer to the professional. This consumer usage friendly power mixer still pack a punch and great in sonic quality with professional results. We retain the same TRUE POWER of 250W at 4 ohm load. We keep useful features like audio effect, MP3 player and Bluetooth player intact. Outlook design is was altered to tailor your hands coordination while still retains the slanting design.

  • 6 Mono Inputs Channels with silver plated XLRs and balanced Line Input
  • Ultra-low noise LIVE grade Mic Preamps with + 48 V Phantom Power
  • Ultra-musical 2 band EQ on all channels
  • Peak LEDs all Mono Channels
  • Single LIVE Grade 16bit DSP Effect Engine
  • 1 Aux Send or FX Send per channel for external processing and outputs
  • Single 5-band equalizer
  • Highly accurate 5 segment Bargraph Meters
  • 1 Stereo Master output
  • LIVE Grade Playback USB Thumbdrive
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Smartphone playback