Midas Heritage-D HD96

Heritage-D HD96

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Unofficial Specification*

  • 144 Flexible Inputs
  • 120 Flexible Outputs
  • 96 Stereo Effects
  • 24 VCAs Group
  • 24 POPs Group
  • AUX output signal send to AUX bus
  • Flexible Channel Processing: Input-AUX-AUX-Matrix (all delay compensated)
  • Real 64-bit FPGA processing and GPU co-processing
  • Each channel send out 5 type of buses, all delay compensated
  • AI enable to automatic detection and channel analysis and naming
  • Dual Solo Bus, Solo with AFL / PFL buttons configurable for inputs or outputs
  • 120 effects, freely assignable dynamic processors
  • 96 stereo, 4 band dynamic equalizers, each with MS side chain
  • 40 channels LCDS of 240x240 18-bit colour
  • 2 CM1 slot at the rear to extends to DANTE, MADI and USB interface
  • 2 HyperMacs dual operation or independent operation
  • Delay Compensation Option
  • Compatible to existing IO boxes DL231, DL151, DL152, DL153, DL154, DL155 and DL251
*AVEM does not guarantee the accuracy of the specification until the official specification launched by Midas