K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60


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K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 is an active DSP-controlled line array speaker. It can be compared to three-way systems for the sound performance, and with more compact size and lighter weight, K-LA212-DSP90/ K-LA212-DSP60 has more advantages for easier handling and transportation.

The K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 incorporates a novel phase corrector, which shifts the center of the speakers closer to the center of the box. This same corrector optimizes the working frequency of the speaker and the waveguides system of the horn, getting a sum of +6dB on the entire response band of the subwoofer. Create a two-way coaxial system capable of achieving a consistent response across the horizontal plane coverage. It is with high-performance, small size and light weight, which is suitable for both touring performance and fixed installations.

The HF drivers are two customized BEYMA drivers with composite membrane (2.84” voice), and the LF drivers are two customized BEYMA 12” drivers (3” voice coil).

K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 system can be used as main PA sound reinforcement with 3 cabinets at least and 16 cabinets maximum per array.

K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 can be suspended vertically. The integrated hardware built-in to the cabinet with 12.0mm high intensity pins make installation easy and convenient. The system can be combined in modularization according to the coverage angle of place, which can meet the requirements of different applications. The installation of the system is very flexible and convenient. For those places where the system can not be flown, there are customized frames suitable for both flying and ground stacking(maximum 4 cabinets).

  • Customized driver from BEYMA
  • PTV HF horn ensures even coverage and optimized for smooth frequency response
  • Dual phase plug design for an extremely precise dispersion
  • Hi end digital controller on board (DSP) with 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
  • Standby mode automatically if without signal input for 15mins
  • lass D amplifier from PASCAL
  • Advanced cooling system in the driver
  • Optimized and compact elegant premium design cabinet
  • Rock solid humidity free birch plywood CNC made cabinet
  • Touring grade emery spraying
  • omprehensive accessories suitable for different applications