K-LA118, a passive subwoofer, is designed to meet the high requirements of touring performance, rental and fixed installation.

The LF driver of K-LA118 is customized AUDIOCENTER 18” ferrite driver (4” voice coil).

K-LA118 is a good match for AUDIOCENTER K-LA28 full range speakers, to extend band width of frequency response and deliver more powerful, impressive and more punchy bass, which can suit for different venues and music styles. K-LA118 can be also flown to realize different applications.

The K-LA118 is half formula double opening design and dual LF output. With 6th order band pass filter function, the cabinet design of K-LA118 can decrease HF interference and improve LF performance. 

  • High-efficient cooling system of the driver
  • Optimized, compact and multi-functional cabinet design, flexible and convenient to use
  • CNC made of excellent wood
  • Comprehensive accessories suitable for different applications