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K-LA118-DSP, an active DSP-controlled subwoofer, is designed to meet the high requirements of touring performance, rental and fixed installation.

The LF driver of K-LA118-DSP is customized AUDIOCENTER 18” driver (4” voice coil).

User Selectable 3 low-pass filters (80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz) in K-LA118-DSP are available for the users to choose according to different environments and music styles.

K-LA118-DSP is a perfect match for all AUDIOCENTER full range speakers, extending band width of frequency response and delivering powerful, impressive, punchy bass sound.

The K-LA118-DSP is with half formula double opening design and dual LF output. With 6th order band pass filter function, the cabinet design of K-LA118-DSP can decrease HF interference and improve LF performance. K-LA118-DSP is novel and innovative product with high technology.

K-LA118-DSP is combined in modularization, which is suitable for any performance venues. It can also be used together with other speakers of other brands.

  • Hi end digital controller on board(DSP) with 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
  • Standby mode automatically if without signal input for 15mins
  • Class D amplifier
  • Advanced cooling system in the driver
  • CNC cabinet made of excellent wood
  • Touring grade emery spraying
  • Comprehensive accessories suitable for different applications