Condenser Gooseneck Microphone for Instrument Applications

CB 100

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  • Universal condenser microphone for acoustic instruments
  • Frequency response designed for string, brass, percussion and wind instruments
  • Cardioid polar pattern brings clarity and details
  • Flexible gooseneck shaft for effortless "sweet spot" positioning
  • Integrated XLR cable for extreme mobility during performance
  • Extremely high signal output lets the sound cut through
  • XLR phantom power adaptor
  • Effective wind and pop noise filters included
  • Compatible with most instrument clamps (not included)
  • Impact-resistant carrying case included
  • Rugged, reliable die-cast body construction

Only the Voice of your Instrument
CB 100 is a very directional microphone, best at isolating from other nearby instruments on stage. You chose the right mic for your instrument to ensure the greatest sound which blocks out the bleed from other sound sources

Place it as You Need, Stays as You Need
The placement of the mics can make a huge difference on the character of the sound you create. You have chosen the right instrument mic with flexible and stable gooseneck, now all you need do is to place the mic in the sweet spot for the best harmonics and enjoy the music you make

Mic Up All Instruments…
CB 100 is the most versatile microphone which allows you to mic up every instrument. You wont ever need another microphone for miking up