BrainCore P48D/P48

BrainCore P48D/P48

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BrainCore P48D / P48 is a powerful 4-in 8-out professional audio processor that supports 4 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. BrainCore P48D also supports 4 * 4 Dante network audio input and output. Multiple input and output options provide you with the flexibility for system integration. Whether it is a live performance or a fixed installation, BrainCore P48D / P48 can provide all the control and audio processing functions needed.

Through the Windows system computer software BrainCore Net, you can remotely control all devices in the local area network and efficiently control all parameters of the processor. Through the joint debugging function, multiple devices of the same model can be debugged simultaneously. It also provides USB, RS-485 and other interfaces for extended connection.

  • 24-bit AD / DA conversion, 96KHz sampling rate, 10Hz ~ 28KHz bandwidth and over 116dB dynamic range
  • 4 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, BrainCore P48D also supports 4*4 Dante network audio input and output
  • With DSP functions such as gain, noise gate, delay, EQ, full matrix routing, crossover, limiter, etc
  • 4-channel FIR filter
  • USB drive-free automatic connection software, open RS-485 protocol to achieve third-party control, support TCP / IP remote control
  • All functions can be configured through the Windows system. BrainCore P48D/P48 supports joint debugging for multiple devices and remote control
  • 3.12-inch OLED display and rotary encoder for various functional operations