Audiocenter L83 MK2+L83S MK2 Column Loudspeaker System


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L83 MK2+L83S MK2 system is a compact multi-purpose active DSP column system consisting of a passive full-range column speaker L83 MK2 and an active DSP controlled compact double 12” subwoofer L83S MK2. L83 MK2 passive full-range column speaker is built with 8pcs 3" customized drivers and 2pcs 1" customized drivers. The drivers are designed with sophisticated measurement and arranged elaborately by physical calibration technology Phycal™ to improve vertical acoustic beam coverage. The ETE™ waveguide system developed by Audiocenter forms cylindrical wave, then couples continually, working together with customized horn design to realize the perfect joint of frequency response, which provides the accurate horizontal coverage and ensures the well-balanced, clean and clear sound. L83 MK2 can meet the reinforcement application in different venues and complex space.

L83S MK2 is an active DSP controlled compact subwoofer with two 12" customized drivers and very powerful Class D amplifier module. L83S MK2 is with built-in Bluetooth that supports multiple signal inputs. L83 MK2+L83S MK2 is a plug and play column system with easy set up. The presets are made with a lot of testing. The system can be put in various applications.

Tech Specs

  • Type: Active DSP-controlled Column Speaker System
  • Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber): 40Hz-19kHz
  • Maximum Calculated SPL/1M(Continuous/Peak): 129dB/135dB
  • Subwoofer: Customized driver, 2pcs 12” driver
  • LF Driver: Customized driver, 8pcs 3” drivers
  • HF Driver: Customized driver, 2pcs 1” drivers
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical): 110°
  • Vertical Coverage Angle(Symmetrical): 10°
  • DSP Processor: 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 24bit precision controlled by DSP
  • Class D amplifier Power: 4000W
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(±0.5dB)
  • Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%
  • Protection: DC protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, input overload protection, output overload protection, soft startup protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection
  • Cooling System: Fans + air convection
  • Signal Input: 2×Combo (female XLR & Mono jack 6.35), 1×Stereo Bluetooth
  • Signal Output: 1× male XLR
  • Amplifier Output Link L83 MK2: 1× Speaker connector
  • Column Input Link L83S MK2: 1× Speaker connector
  • Power Input: 3 pin power socket
  • Working Voltage: 100V~130V or 220V~240V(±10%,50/60Hz
  • Cabinet Material: CNC made of excellent wood
  • L65S MK2 Pole Mount: M20 base Φ35mm
  • Cabinet Color: Black is standard and default color. Consult with Audiocenter sales team for other customized colors
  • Dimension(W×H×D): L83 MK2 123x1200x165mm, L83S MK2 374x690x538mm
  • Height for 1pc L83 MK2+1pc L83S MK2+Pole: 1896mm
  • Net Weight: L83 MK2 10.5Kg, L83S MK2 34.0Kg