Artist T88D / T88

Artist T88D / T88

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Artist T88D / T88 is a powerful 8-in 8-out audio matrix that supports 8 analog audio inputs and 8 analog audio outputs. Artist T88D also supports 4*4 Dante network audio input and output. Multiple options of input and output provide you with the flexibility required to integrate into the system. It can meet the control and audio processing for various places.

Through the Windows system computer software BrainCore Net, you can remotely control all devices in the local area network and efficiently control all parameters of the processor. Through the joint debugging function, multiple devices of the same model can be debugged simultaneously. Some functions can also be controlled through the wall panel and mobile APP (Android). Through the scene preset function, users can directly use the wall panel or intelligent central control to achieve scene recall, volume adjustment and other functions.

  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion, 96KHz sampling rate, 10Hz ~ 28KHz bandwidth and over 116dB dynamic range
  • 8 analog audio inputs, 8 analog audio outputs, Artist T88D supports 4 * 4 Dante network audio input and output
  • With both microphone input and line input, with 48V phantom power
  • Built-in camera tracking function to control the camera by sound
  • GPIO programmable connector
  • In built with functions of AFC, auto mixing, matrix mixing, equalizer, crossover, limiter by DSP to deliver clear sound dynamic
  • Artist T88D/T88 works seamlessly with Artist speakers and amps. Users can recall the different scenes and applications from the wall panel to build up a complete commercial audio system quickly. Password can be set for protection
  • USB drive-free automatic connection software, open RS-232, RS-485 protocol to achieve third-party control, support TCP / IP remote control
  • All functions can be configured through the Windows system. Artist T88D/T88 supports debugging for multiple devices and remote control