Active DSP Wedge Monitor


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WM-DSP series is Audiocenter’s latest active DSP controlled wedge monitor speaker with high-output, reliability and supreme performance.

WM-DSP series is perfectly integrated with BrainCore™ technology, with its advanced technology and scientific methodology, BrainCore™ analyses and processes the input signal, DSP module, Class D amplifier and loudspeaker optimally, achieving smooth transitions between the LF and HF, excellent frequency response and audio reproduction even at high levels of SPL.

The wave guide of WM-DSP series provides a perfect coverage angle of 60° x 40°(Live band)、 60° x 60°(Stage), which can achieve symmetrical sound field coverage of large and medium-sized shows and live bands. WM-DSP series can fulfill the requirements of artists with excellent performance and high audio reproduction.

Two models are available for WM-DSP series, which are WM210-DSP dual 10”Active monitor speaker and WM212-DSP dual 12” Active monitor speaker. WM-DSP series is specially designed for touring performance and fixed installation like Live sound reinforcement floor monitor, Touring systems, Clubs, Auditoriums, Theatres and Houses of Worship.